The Anvil Rock Training Center

The Anvil Rock Training Center is the primary training location for Pat Goodale’s PFT (Practical Firearms Training). This 200 acre facility is located in the southeastern mountains of West Virginia near Alderson, WV. PFT is a training and consulting company which conducts law enforcement, military and private sector training and consulting worldwide. The Anvil Rock range and training center is our purpose built home facility. In addition to serving a primary role as PFT’s home range, the facility is used by a variety of federal, state and local law enforcement and military entities as a regional training location. It is available for reservation/rent to qualified public and private sector entities.



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Located in a secluded rural area, the facility offers a highly capable, yet discreet, secure, safe and private training venue. No general public access is allowed. The grounds are protected by electronic security gates and armed personnel onsite 24/7. Available range infrastructure includes the following:

7 Primary Live Fire Ranges (all are suitable for rifle, handgun, shotgun, subgun)

  1. 50m x 50m multi-purpose “square” range.
  2. 25m x 25m reactive steel range.
  3. 50m x 200m rifle range with reactive steel targets.
  4. 360° live-fire shooting house and ballistic range area.
  5. Moving target and scenario range.
  6. Use of Cover simulation range/area.
  7. Long Range Rifle (800m) / large exercise simulation area / range (off-site 6 miles).


  • 2 heated/air-conditioned classrooms (up to 30 students each).
  • Fully capable restroom facilities (flush toilets, hot/cold water etc.).
  • Large parking areas adjacent to ranges.
  • Covered shelter with tables and benches for shooters.
  • Shooter rest area/deck with chairs
  • On-site armorer, and work station for weapons repair and maintenance.
  • Lateral and vertical powered moving target systems.
  • Multiple training vehicles (static and operational).
  • Low light/night training simulators and lighting.
  • Plate rack/reactive steel area.
  • Multiple Cover Simulators (static and portable).
  • Armed personnel on-site 24/7 (secure weapons and equipment storage).
  • Range/target maintenance, storage and support structures.

Other Capabilities Include:

  • IED Simulator
  • Common foreign weapons (capable of live and blank fire)
  • Force-on-force weapons and equipment (UTM, Airsoft, Sims, etc)
  • Ballistic, mechanical and explosive breaching area
  • Portable facades
  • Lightweight portable reactive steel targets
  • Adjacent woodland operations training areas (non-live fire)

Valley Guns II Firearms Training Center

Starting in 2016 PFT will be also be offering courses at the new Valley Guns II Firearms Training Center.