Tactical Rifle

10-30 Hours, 500-1200 rounds, depending on the facilities and course length offered

This course addresses the effective use of the Tactical or Police rifle/carbine, and the emphasis is on quick, accurate shooting at close to intermediate ranges. This course covers the fundamentals of safety, manipulation, rifle theory, marksmanship, zeroing, firing positions, and field shooting. It then progresses into more specialized and advanced techniques applicable to this type of rifle. Included are carry techniques, tactical / ready positions, shooting on the move, alternative shooting positions, use of cover, multiple shots / multiple targets, and tactical simulations. Rifles, such as the AR-15, Mini-14, AK Series, SKS, M-1 Carbine, etc. are ideal. Lightweight bolt and lever action rifles are also suitable. Optics are optional. Note: this course is also offered in one to three day formats, depending on the available facilities. Please check the schedule carefully to note the course length offered for any specific date.

Advanced Tactical Rifle

16-20 hours, 700 rounds rifle, 50 rounds handgun

Structured for those who have successfully completed Tactical Rifle or other schools’ equivalent. This course takes the student into intense realistic environments of reflexive gun handling and marksmanship, timed skills performance, low light shooting, indoor and outdoor simulators, moving targets/moving shooter engagements, judgmental shooting, longer range shooting, weapon retention and weapon transition. Equipment requirements are the same as for Tactical Rifle with the addition of a handgun and a high-power, high-quality flashlight / illumination device for the rifle.


Night Vision/Observation (NVG/NOD) Tactical Rifle Course

8 hours, 250 rounds

This course will focus on the use of NODs or NVGs as applied to the tactical rifle/carbine. The course will include familiarization with different types of NODs, IR Lasers and IR Illumination including different types of support equipment and its proper use and application. It will cover setup and use of equipment, manipulation of rifle and equipment under NODs, zeroing, shooting from cover, movement, short and long range engagements and shooting on the move. This course will start at our home range and transition to our alternate shooting facility as a means for a more dynamic training experience. Optimal equipment would be head/helmet mounted NODs and a carbine or rifle with a IR aiming laser but concessions will be made for weapon mounted NODs. There is a modest amount of movement and physical activity associated with this program.


  • Semi auto or bolt action rifle
  • Head/helmet or weapon mounted NODs
  • Ammunition as required
  • Magazine carriers / ammunition belt, pouch, or butt­cuff
  • Three magazines are recommended for detachable magazine type rifles
  • Hearing protection (Highly recommend electronic headsets, must be compatible with NVG helmet or head mount)
  • Clear eye protection

Optional, but highly recommended:

  • Weapon mounted IR aiming laser
  • Weapon mounted IR illuminator
  • Hand held IR illuminator

Low Light Tactical Rifle Seminar

4 hours, 125 rounds

This evening seminar addresses the techniques, tactics and equipment related to effectively using the tactical rifle/carbine in a low/no light environment. We start with a classroom discussion on the unique characteristics of such encounters and current lights/equipment availability and choices.

The class then moves onto the range where attendees participate in a variety of shooting drills and practical exercises designed to provide skill, experience and confidence in this environment.

Successful completion of our Tactical Rifle course (or other instructor’s equivalent programs) is a pre-requisite for attendance. Equipment required: Rifle with sling, Light (we strongly suggest the light be rifle mounted), 3 magazines, magazine carrier, ear/eye protection, 125 rounds.


Room Entry / Shooting House Course

8 hours, 300 rounds

This program focuses on the conditions and situational characteristics related to encounters occurring around and inside structures/rooms.

We start with a classroom discussion of the realities associated with room entry and then move onto the range for a shooter skills review/assessment before proceeding into “ground school” on moving thru doors and around corners, processing rooms, managing light, managing threats/unknowns, communication and movement speeds.

Most of the program is conducted in and around our live fire shooting house. Each attendee will conduct a number of dry and live fire shooting house runs throughout the day. The program is handgun oriented. However rifles are welcome and may be used if desired for many of the exercises.

Successful completion of our Defensive Handgun II course (and Tactical Rifle course if you plan to bring/use a rifle) is a pre-requisite for attendance.

Tactical Rifle Course Equipment Recommendations

  • Suitable rifle with sling or carry strap bipod optional). [Note: Some rifles are available for rent in limited numbers by prior arrangement. The cost is generally $50 per day. Call for more information.]
  • Ammunition as required, per the course requested
  • Magazine carriers / ammunition belt, pouch, or butt-cuff
  • Three magazines are recommended for detachable magazine type rifles
  • Light Pack or Range Bag
  • Cleaning Kit
  • Ear protection – electronic muffs strongly recommended.
  • Eye Protection (Both tinted and clear lenses are useful)
  • Clothing suitable for the weather
  • Rugged shoes or boots
  • Cap with a brim
  • Lunch / Drinks / Snacks
  • Binoculars (optional, but useful) or spotting scope
  • Notebook / Data Book for shot recording
  • Optional comfort items (rain gear, camera, sunscreen, knee/elbow pads, etc.)