Precision Rifle I

24-30 Hours, 300 Rounds

This course provides a thorough exposure to precision rifle use, beginning with fundamentals of safety, manipulation, rifle theory, marksmanship, zeroing, firing positions, and field shooting. More advanced topics include: ballistics, range estimation, environmental effects, supports and rests, covert movement, observation and target identification, and practical field exercises. Most shooting is at reasonable distances (100-300 yards), however long range (400-700 yards) shooting is taught and expected. A scoped precision rifle or hunting rifle capable of extreme accuracy is required. Class size is limited to 14 shooters.

Precision Rifle II

16-20 Hours, 180 Rounds

This course is a follow-on to our Precision Rifle course described above. It is conducted based upon an “assumption of capability” on the part of the shooter. Attendees are expected to begin the program with capable, proven equipment, a verified 100 yard zero, a solid understanding of technical shooting, and the ability to execute the fundamentals of precision shooting under real world conditions. Topics will include angled firing, covert movement/stalking, firing under time compression, firing positions other than prone, supported/braced firing, low/artificial/failing light engagement, intermediate barrier penetration/bullet performance exercises and longer range (500-800 yards) shooting. Prior completion of our Precision Rifle course (or a comparable course from an approved instructor or organization) is required to attend. Class size is limited to 14 shooters.

Hunting Rifle

8 or 16 hours, 120-220 rounds

PFT offers one and two day courses for hunters, which are essentially field courses adapted from Precision Rifle specifically for centerfire rifle hunters. The course stresses  fast but accurate shooting from field-expedient positions (snap shooting, kneeling, sitting, and prone positions) both offhand and slung, or while using bipods / shooting sticks, and from improvised rests including isometric body positions, backpacks, and trees or other steady improvised rests. The course includes introduction to ballistics and ammunition, range and wind estimation, achieving a good zero, and other material specifically relevant to the rifle hunter. Target distances will range from 25-300 yards. One day course uses 100-120 rounds, and the two day course requires approximately 220 rounds.


Precision Rifle Course Equipment Recommendations

  • Suitable rifle with sling or carry strap bipod optional).
  • Ammunition as required, per the course requested
  • Magazine carriers / ammunition belt, pouch, or butt-cuff
  • Three magazines are recommended for detachable magazine type rifles
  • Light Pack or Range Bag
  • Cleaning Kit
  • Ear protection – electronic muffs strongly recommended.
  • Eye Protection (Both tinted and clear lenses are useful)
  • Clothing suitable for the weather
  • Rugged shoes or boots
  • Cap with a brim
  • Lunch / Drinks / Snacks
  • Binoculars (optional, but useful) or spotting scope
  • Notebook / Data Book for shot recording
  • Optional comfort items (rain gear, camera, sunscreen, knee/elbow pads, etc.)